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At Horizons Offices, you have found a “Home in Africa”. We have created workspaces that offer you the comforts of home.

A place where you can focus on your business and your business will be nurtured through your efforts and the care of the Horizons team.



Experience the harmonious fusion of professionalism and coziness at Horizons Offices, where you can thrive in a nurturing environment that supports your business growth and feels like home

Our Solutions

Welcome to your personalized sanctuary at Horizons Offices, where we transform workspaces into your 'Home in Africa'. Experience the comfort of a customized environment that empowers you to focus on your business while our dedicated Horizons team nurtures your success

Customised Offices

Discover your own unique haven at Horizons Offices, where we go above and beyond to tailor workspaces that become your very own 'Home in Africa'. Immerse yourself in a personalized sanctuary that effortlessly adapts to your needs, allowing you to fully concentrate on your business endeavors.


Private Serviced Offices

Experience the epitome of luxury and functionality with our serviced Private Offices at Horizons Offices. Immerse yourself in a workspace that combines the comforts of home with the utmost professionalism, allowing you to concentrate on your business while our dedicated Horizons team ensures its nurturing growth.

Flexible Workspace

Discover the perfect balance between flexibility and comfort at Horizons Offices. Our flexible workspaces provide the ideal environment for you to concentrate on your business, while our attentive Horizons team ensures your success is nurtured every step of the way. Experience a workspace that feels like home, designed to support your business growth and inspire your entrepreneurial spirit

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Expanding Africa's


Our Locations

Step into the embrace of a 'Home in Africa' at Horizons Offices, where we've created workspaces that not only meet your business needs but also provide the care and support you deserve


Work · Meet · Grow

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Client Services Managers

Riverside Park:  Elsie-0732 188600

Belgravia:  Mabel – 0732 188200

The Atrium:  Annette – 0732 188400

The Address:  Ann – 0732 188100

Telephone : 254 732 188 600/605

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