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Horizons Workspace offers the lowest cost access to the TRIFIC SEZ. The many benefits of the Special Economic Zone enable companies to expand, scale up operations, and realize tax efficiencies. By leveraging the resources and expertise available, businesses can unlock new horizons of success.

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Attractive Business Incentives:


Corporation Tax

  • 0% - Corporate Tax Rate on Foreign Sourced Income.

  • 10% -  Corporate Tax Rate on Domestic Sourced Income. For 1st 10 years, 15% next 10 years.

  • 0% - VAT on Purchases and Exported Services


Repatriation Taxes

  • 0% - Repatriation Tax on Dividends

  • 0% - Repatriation Tax on Interest, Management Fees and Royalties. For 1st 10 years, 5% thereafter.

  • 0% - Capital Gains Tax. Transfer of property within the SEZ is exempt from CGT.


Talent & People Mobility

Employment Taxes(PAYE on Personal Income) taxed at graduated scale with the highest band at 30%.


No special visa/work permits processing procedures. Processing of work permits/visas takes an average of 2 weeks.


Operational Taxes

Exemptions On: Import Duty, Stamp Duty, Payment of Advertising Fees and Business Permit Fees, Excise Duty, and Import Declaration Fees (IDF).

Horizons Workspaces

The open and flexible work environment encourages knowledge sharing, cross-industry partnerships, and the exchange of ideas. By being part of this dynamic ecosystem, businesses can unlock new opportunities, drive creativity, and stay ahead in today's competitive market.

Coworking space horizons offices riverside park
Coworking space horizons offices  riverside park

Horizons Workspaces at TRIFIC SEZ - Amenities:

  • Serviced Offices (Standard and Customized)

  • Co-working Offices (Dedicated Desks)

  • Collaboration rooms

  • Board and Meeting Rooms

  • Event Spaces

  • Cafe and Lounge

  • Business support

  • Concierge services

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Violet horizons offices staff

Violet Mworia

Client Service Manager

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your workspace to new heights. Book a viewing today and embark on a journey towards a truly tailored office experience.

Looking for a flexible workspace?

Telephone : 254 732 188 600/200

Client Services Managers

Riverside Park:  Elsie-0732 188600

The Atrium:  Annette – 0732 188400

The Address:  Ann – 0732 188100

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